Fundraising and Research Officer (European Candidates Only)

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SHEILD (Social, Humanitarian, Economical, Intervention for Local Development) Association is bringing relief to the population in general and to those who suffered and are still suffering from war and from the absence of governmental health and social care and protection. The methods involve direct assistance as well as community based interventions to enhance human rights, economic conditions, and social integration. A participatory approach is utilized that involves local stakeholders and authorities within a system of coordination to assess needs and subsequently implement programs with high emphasis on the most vulnerable and deprived members of targeted communities.

We also operate during times of war, armed conflicts, and natural disasters, responding to resulting emergency situations and bringing relief to affected populations.


  • Emergency and Relief
  • Protection and Monitoring
  • Development and Livelihoods
  • Agriculture
  • Food Security and Food Production
  • Prisons and Judicial



Is a management civil company, founded in 2019 as a development plan to achieve wider national and international influence through managing and directing several of its units, in addition to created – adopted – operating programs, that are being supported under SHEILD Group umbrella, to provide greater network and wide-ranging activities of Humanitarian Aid on an International level.


SHEILD has 6 offices covering Lebanon, an office in Syria-Damascus, Spain-Barcelona, and a representative office in Switzerland-Geneva.


The Fundraising and Resource Research Officer will report directly to SHEILD Head of Consultants and Chairman of the Board.

General Job Description:

  • Communicate, liaise, and create networks with international and local NGO’s, municipalities, embassies and any other international, local, or private funding organizations.
  • Compile and maintain a database of international and local donor organizations (international foundations, bilateral and multilateral agencies and private corporations offering donations)
  • Submit a weekly report to SHEILD Head of Consultants regarding the mapping and liaising done.
  • Provide a clear workplan indicating the process, plan, objective and result.
  • Provide guidance using SHEILD values and principles.
  • Ensure timely follow up on action items.
  • Always up to date with strategies
  • Undertake independent research in finding alternative resources for long-term sustainability of the organization.
  • Regularly monitor donor websites and identify and inform donor opportunities matching the work of the organization.
  • Maintain relationships with existing donors and respond to their requests regularly and keep updating them about the work of the organization.
  • Responsible to save all data or documents on digital cloud provided.
  • Organize or help in organizing any fundraising events for the organization.
  • Assist in concept proposals and RFQ’s created and liaise between SHEILD and donors and/or partners.

The Fundraising and Research Officer is a key position within the organization that will lead, manage, and increase the fundraising portfolio through various donors and partners, in public and private sectors, for development and humanitarian aid.

Direct Supervisor: Head of Consultants

  1. Specific Duties
  • Work closely with SHEILD colleagues to create SHEILD fundraising strategy for 2021 and 2022-2024,
  • Oversee, update, and implement the ongoing fundraising strategy,
  • Identify and map suitable and potential donors,
  • Identify key funding priorities and funding sources,
  • Priorities time and needs for the appropriate potential donors,
  • Identify fundraising gaps within SHEILD framework,
  • Create a database that defines and identifies upcoming or potential fundraising scenarios for each program,

Having identified both the funding needs and potential funding sources, work closely with the Head of Consultants and Chairman of the Board to match funding sources against SHEILD priorities.

  • Advise and implement new fundraising approach,
  • Review SHEILD submitted proposals in the last 2 years and assess the deficiency and strengths in each proposal,
  • Review and assist the Program Manager team during proposal writing phase in order to ensure that new proposals are in line with each donor’s strategy.
  • Review and assist the Program Manager team during reporting writing phase in order to ensure that submitted project reports are in line with each donor’s strategy,
  • Develop a new mechanism to track funding needs and proposal development,
  • Sustain and/or initiate discussion with SHEILD donors or potential donors,
  • Attend fundraising meetings with International, regional, and local donors,
  • In agreement with the Head of Consultants and Chairman of the Board, represent and promote SHEILD to UN and international agencies, donors, INGOs, development agencies, local partners, specialized networks, and other parties,
  • Assist in developing logical frameworks and output, outcome and results-based on projects need based on the approach needed by each donor.



  1. General Duties


  • Provide guidance using SHEILD values and principles,
  • Participate in the Senior Management meeting,
  • Coordinate and ensure timely follow up on action items,
  • Responsible for filing/ uploading (digital and hard copies) of all the documents, emails, etc…
  • Ability to travel when needed,
  • Frequent travel on various site visits across Lebanon/ Syria (as needed)
  • Frequent office visits in Lebanon (as needed)
  • Undertake other duties as may be reasonably required from time to time from the Chairman of the Board and SHEILD International Advisor.


  • Required Experience and Knowledge

Advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent) in law, international relations, social sciences, and communications or in a related area. Additional years of qualifying experience may compensate for a master’s degree,

  • A minimum of 7 years progressively responsible experience in fundraising and resource mobilization,
  • Deep knowledge of Lebanese working environment and active donors,
  • Experience and knowledge of the socio-political and economic situation in Lebanon,
  • Experience in advocacy and/or strategic communication


  1. Skills and special aptitudes:
  • Fluency in oral and written English and Arabic is required. Knowledge of French is an advantage,
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills,
  • Being diplomatic, professional, and enthusiastic,
  • Has excellent attendance and positive attitude to the job,
  • High ethical standards in accordance with humanitarian standards and anti-corruption policy,
  • Excellent analytical reporting skills,
  • Excellent interpersonal, cooperation, and networking skills,
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative,
  • Multicultural understanding,
  • Great analytical skills,
  • Positively accept diversity and differences

SHEILD is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate in its hiring practices.

Job Features

Deadline7th May 2020

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