Historical Snapshot

SHEILDSocial, Humanitarian, Economical Intervention for Local Development” Association is a Lebanese INGO formed and established in 2010 by Lebanese members and is legally registered with the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MoIM) under decree number 1680 of October 5, 2010 which was amended to decree number 1739 dated October 24, 2011. SHEILD Association was meant to be an INGO bringing relief and assistance to the most vulnerable community categories and groups and to those marginalized due to bad governmental policies and neglect.

Since 2010, SHEILD Association has been intervening in various fields, including derivative and related activities: livelihood and development, protection, food security and production, agriculture and forestation, emergency aid and relief; SHEILD provides direct and indirect assistance in terms of protection initiatives, food allocations and production, unconditional or restricted cash support, support for livelihoods and entrepreneurs and other modalities for vulnerable individuals and groups among locals and refugees such as Syrian refugees and those affected by the Syrian crisis. Moreover, SHEILD Association is fully involved in the prisons and the juridical sector offering legal, medical, social, and physical support. Based on the main intervention areas, SHEILD Association has been working since 2010, and is still working, in partnership with a wide range of international donors and partners, implementing large, medium and small-scale programs and projects.

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This active, diverse, effective and evolving portfolio led to wider range of partnerships between SHEILD Association and other international donors for the assistance of refugees, host communities and those affected directly or indirectly by the crisis or disasters, these donors and partners include but not limited to: WFP, UNHCR, UNDP, FAO, OCHA,UNFPA, ACTED, MERCYCORPS, DRC, RDPP, ICRC, NPA which enabled SHEILD to extend its services and outreach to wider range and numbers of beneficiaries in need and reach wider geographical coverage in and outside Lebanon.

Over the years and through its dedicated management and field teams:

SHEILD was able to assist and support hundreds of thousands with lifesaving in-kind food and non-food assistance. Offered protection referral services to hundreds of refugees and local cases. Supported communities with basic services and assets creations in more than 30 villages and cities. Supported livelihoods of more than 3,500 vulnerable Lebanese and Syrians through cash for work programs as well as enhanced livelihoods of over 500 women, youth, and people with special needs with capacity building and support for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
SHEILD with the help of its partners, was able to deliver directly essential food assistance for more than 15,000 Syrian newcomer HHs and support directly or indirectly monthly access to food assistance for tens of thousands of refugees and host community HHs.
SHEILD supported more than 50 agricultural and agri-food active cooperatives as part of food production support to increase fragile communities’ resilience towards lacks and crisis.
SHEILD planted over 300,000 seedlings in over 300 hectares of misused lands as well as created 4 agricultural assets and ponds.
SHEILD managed to work in the most difficult areas and sectors including but not limited to the prisons and juridical sector in which SHEILD was able to assist and support hundreds of inmates and detainees and their families with different essential services and supported their livelihoods and community reintegration.