Request for quotations

In compliance with international standards, SHEILD Association requests quotations/calls by publishing it here on the website, on other websites and social media platforms

Documents can be downloaded directly from this site or by contacting the responsible person in our office indicated in the Call page.

When starting a procurement process SHEILD Association adheres to Fair Competition, Anti Corruption Guidelines, Cost-efficiency, Transparency and Integrity.

If you are interested to inquire or provide services, or if you are interested in becoming a SHEILD Association supplier for other goods and services, or have technical questions please contact us at:

The SHEILD Association’s “Supplier Code of Ethics” applies for all suppliers who desire to do business, or who are already doing business with SHEILD Association.


Food for Assets – FFA 2020

Supply and Installation of Fences

1st of February 2021

Invitation to bid (Supply & Installation of Fences).docx

Documents To be Submitted (Supply & Installation of Fences).docx