About US

SHEILD Association was established in 2010, a registered Civil Company, Non-Governmental Association founded on Lebanese territories, humanitarian, non-political and non-profit. It is an organization committed to human rights and assistance to victims of disasters and armed conflicts that activate societies for the development and spread of a culture of global cooperation.

Our programs focus on the most susceptible groups within a community by targeting the extremely vulnerable, refugees, women, children, prisoners and their families, the elderly and the physically and/or mentally challenged.


Emergency and Relief
Protection and Monitoring
Development and Livelihoods
Food Security and Food Production
Prisons and Judicial
Humanitarian Mine Action

SHEILD Association is currently operating several interventions in Syria on Humanitarian Assistance, Emergency Response and Development.


SHEILD Association aims at bringing relief to the population in general and to those who suffered, and still suffer, from war as well as from the absence of governmental health services, social care, economic assistance, and protection.

In order to achieve its mission, SHEILD Association provides direct assistance and community-based interventions to enhance human rights, social awareness, economic conditions, access to food and services and protection for marginalized community categories as well as for other inhabitants living in the same intervention areas.

SHEILD Association operates through a participatory approach involving coordination between local stakeholders and authorities involving beneficiaries to assess the needs and implement programs responding to such needs while focusing on the most vulnerable and deprived communities.

SHEILD Association operates in absolute harmony with the principles of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The Arab Charter on Human Rights. People in need must be assisted with no discrimination based on race, gender, religious belief, nationality, ethnic origin or class.


To build long-term development strategy for increased diversity and extensive fundraising capacity
Including further progress of funded projects & enhanced partnership opportunities with local and international donors
To better position the organization to meet the future needs of the communities the organization serves in Lebanon and Internationally.


Is a management civil company, founded in 2019 as a development plan to achieve wider national and international influence through managing and directing several of its units, in addition to created – adopted – operating programs, that are being supported under SHEILD Group umbrella, to provide greater network and wide-ranging activities of Humanitarian Aid on an International level.

SHEILD Group is registered as a Civil Society Organization in Lebanon, Syria and Spain.