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Who we are

SHEILD ( Social, Humanitarian, Economical Intervention for Local Development) Association is an international humanitarian non-governmental association that promotes economic development by supporting livelihood and capacity building of the marginalized community groups and offering protection initiatives to vulnerable community categories with women and children as the focus. We also operate during times of war, armed conflicts and natural disasters, responding to resulting emergency situations and bringing relief to affected populations.
SHEILD Association is a registered Civil Company in Lebanon, Syria, Spain and Switzerland


Maintaining a Neutral Position


Providing Impartial Humanitarian Assistance


Acting Autonomously from any political, economic, military or any other objectives


Beirut Blast response

After the Beirut Port Blast on the 4th of August, SHEILD EMERGENCY UNIT rushed to intervene and respond to the disaster’s catastrophic consequences. The unit has devoted all its efforts and resources to help the families affected by the explosion.

In partnership with the World Food Program, and with support from USAID, IRISH AID, and Canadian and Australian Embassies in Lebanon, SHEILD distributed around 2,500 food parcels to damaged families in August. Each parcel contains 60 kg of food items, sufficient to feed a family of five members for a month.

Since September, assistance has shifted from food to cash, reaching more than 18,500 eligible affected citizens, who benefited from a monthly direct cash assistance through an emergency card, valid for a period of 6 months.